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Christian living is not easy. When trials hit, sometimes the shock and pain of it all can cause us to flounder in our faith and question God's love. We wonder why God has allowed this. Anger flares up. Fears intensify. We wrestle with unanswered questions and often withdraw from God and others. Instead of letting our suffering drive us from God, we need to let it drive us into His arms to experience His love more deeply than we ever have before. As Christian women of faith, we can draw all we need from our Lord.

This tree stood in the middle of intense gunfire and fighting during the Sri Lankan civil war. The flying bullets caused permanent holes and scars, but they could not keep the tree from growing strong and free--branches raised to the heavens. As it drew its nourishment from the rich earth and drank the water God provided, it kept growing straight and true. 


When I look at that tree, it stirs up my courage. Many of us face difficult trials, chronic pain, depression, grief, or loss. Life can feel like a battlefield and sometimes, we're left wounded and scarred. But in the midst of our pain, God is with us. He wants our roots to go down deep in His rich nourishing love,  He wants us to receive from Him the life-giving, daily grace so that the scars and bullet holes do not keep us from all He has for us.


I want to be like this tree and stand tall for God. Instead of being afraid of my scars or trying to hide them away, I want them to be for His glory--a witness of His grace and power in my life. He is the Lord!

May we lift our hearts in praise and our lives in worship to the One who is our all.

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