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Holding On

(By Rachel Joyce)

Photo Credit: Annie Brenner

Like most days, today was a mix

Of good and hard, with sadness

Seeping in around the edges

Suffusing the whole,

Like smoke from the campfire

Drifting towards me

Filling my lungs

No matter where I move

To get away.

I lift my hands in surrender,

Letting go and giving all to God.

Eyes on Him, His approval

My only standard and desire.

Yet the tears still fall,

The wounds still ache

And I press in, leaning

All my weakness on Your

Great strength.

Your tender love is all I have.

Your acceptance holds me steady

Despite the harsh winds

And lashing rain threatening

To undo me. I rest

In Your faithfulness

And steadfast love.

I will not be moved - I hold tight

To You.


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