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My Offering

Photo Credit: Mark Shutt Images

(By Rachel Joyce)

The pain jolts me awake

And I draw a deep breath,

Bracing myself for another day.

If I can just get this aching body

Moving, maybe the pain will ease,

Be more bearable today.

Keep going, Rae,

You can do this; Jesus

Has you, holds you tenderly.

I put on my armor carefully:

Belt of truth, breastplate of

Righteousness, shielding me.

I slip my feet into the shoes

Of the peaceful good news

Of Jesus, my Lord.

I feel the weight of faith’s

Shield, as I raise it high against

The enemy’s flaming arrows.

The helmet of salvation

Protects my mind from

The enemy’s lies and deception.

I tighten my grip on the

Sword of the Spirit,

My hope and my peace.

Lord, I cannot do this day

Without You; be my strength.

Help me make it through.

Pain’s temptations rise:

Give up; feel sorry for

Yourself, doubt God’s love.

I breathe and rest

In the eternal arms

Of my compassionate Father.

I gather up strength

And rise to face this

New day in His power.

There are times when

Tears will not be held back

When sobs are my words.

The strength to persevere

Comes from God alone

Drawing deep, I hold tightly.

You, Lord, are my strength.

You hold me, heal me, provide 

The strength and all I need.

Push back the pain enough

So I can see only You, serve You,

Love You, worship You.

Hands held high, I offer up

This pain to You as a sacrifice,

My worshipful offering.


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