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His Grace: My Need

(By Rachel Joyce)

The pain slips like a sharp blade

Through the layers of my dreams

Stabbing me awake.

I wince and struggle

To turn over, my muscles rebelling,

Refusing to cooperate.

It’s always hard, waking up to the hurt,

But today, I need extra grace, Lord.

On my own, I cannot bear

The thought of another day

In which movement is

So limited, challenging, painful.

I am exhausted, Savior Mine,

From the effort it takes to live this life

You have given me; I cannot do it

On my own. I need You so.

Please be my strength, for mine

Is gone. I need Your grace.

Let me feel Your loving arms,

Holding me through the pain,

And Your voice, reassuring me

That this is not in vain,

But is working for me an eternal

Weight of glory, beyond compare.

I can hardly conceive how it can be

That You can bring glory from even this,

One day. But in this day

The suffering prevails and now

I rest in stillness in Your grace and I choose

To trust my Lord, the Lord of all my days.


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