His Grace Is Sufficient For Me

Updated: Mar 30, 2019

(By Meghan Letourneau)

April 2015

I am sitting up at the end of my bed in my small but quite comfortable apartment in Jeonju, South Korea. I stare at my wardrobe longingly. It’s already quite late. All I want to do is put my pajamas on and drift into a sound sleep. But what’s going on? Why can’t I just get up and grab the pajamas? 

Suddenly, I hear the familiar sound of the code on my door being unlocked. Only Gaby in the apartment above knows that code. Sure enough, in she enters. 

“Meghan,” she gasps, looking around at the toppled chair and my laptop on the floor, “What’s happened?!”  I become suddenly aware of the searing pain in my right shoulder, the tears on my face and the screams coming from my mouth. “I don’t remember,” is the reply. I turn to face the source of the pain. My shoulder is hanging out of its socket, oh so casually.