Peace In The Storm

(By Melissa Bell)

Have you ever had a curveball thrown at you? No, we aren’t speaking baseball, but about when life throws you something that you weren’t expecting. Oftentimes it can leave you striking out hard!

My curveball came in 2014 when I had a miscarriage. My husband Al and five-year-old son Nathan were excited, and nervously awaiting a new addition to our family. I have Lupus and I was fully aware that pregnancy could be risky, but when the midwife said, “There’s no heartbeat,” we were shocked. My husband and I believed God had shown us in His word that we were to have another child, so why did He allow this to happen?

Sometimes terrible things happen in our lives and it’s very difficult to see how God can turn them into something good. We are reminded in James chapter one that we should rejoice when difficult trials come because ultimately, they will mold us into someone who resembles Christ more than they did before the trial. I do feel that God used our sad time for His glory and I’d like to share some of the spiritual and life lessons He taught us.


During the hours of Jack’s labor, Al remembered a message we heard months before: a message that had also spoken to me. It was the story in Mark four of Christ with His disciples on the Sea of Galilee during the storm. While the storm raged and the disciples sat at the edge of peril, their Lord was sleeping in the belly of their boat. Had their terror made them forget that the very Creator of the universe, the Almighty Sovereign over all nature was sailing along with them? We found it fascinating that they even chided Christ for not caring that they would perish. How foolish they were. But are we not foolish too at times? We bear our heavy burdens instead of taking them directly to the Lord. We often forget He’s right along with us through the storm. How compassionate the Lord was in his reply, “Why are ye so fearful? How is it that ye have no faith?” (Mark 4:40). It’s also interesting that Christ had told them to go on this journey across the sea. He fully knew they would go through the storm and fail in their faith. He’s not surprised by our trials. Let us allow ourselves to be comforted by Scripture when we go through a trial and allow God to teach us about Himself and how we can be more like Him. Despite the extreme grief, the comfort God gave us allowed us to have a calm through the labor, the time we spent with Jack, and during the following days.