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Theanna Joyce: Learning and Sharing God's Truth

Beautiful woman smiling in the sunshine reflecting the beauty of living in God's light and learning more and more of Him.
Photo Credit: Benjamin Joyce

Theanna Joyce has recently joined the Living Loved Today team and is thankful for her role as a writer because she loves to write and share her discoveries of God and His goodness with other Christian women.

This is one of her favorite things — unearthing truth in God’s Word. He is so much more than she can fathom, and with all of eternity before her, she knows she can forever learn more.

Theanna grew up in a Christian family and trusted God as a young girl of 10 when she stopped trying so hard to believe and simply rested in the work of Christ. Since that day, her relationship with God has grown — through fear and doubt as well as in joy and faith.

Right now, she is pursuing a Master of Divinity at Moody Theological Seminary in Chicago and God has been very faithful to her. She seeks to learn more of His truth from the Word and strengthen her own relationship with Him so that she is equipped to carry out His purpose for her faithfully.

Her goal in studying there is to be like Mary, who sat in the position of a disciple at the feet of Jesus and listened while He taught. His words about Mary affirmed that she chose what was good and that it would not be taken away from her (Luke 10:42).

When Theanna is not in class or at the library, she enjoys walking and biking along the lakefront trail. Her cat, Lucy, and her sister’s cat, Bella, keep her company at home (aka they wake her up horrendously early every day of the week, including Saturday).

She loves reading and more reading…and she probably wouldn’t notice her house falling down around her if she was in the middle of a good book. Her 3 siblings can attest to this, because growing up, they never hesitated to snatch the current book out of her hand and hide it from her.

God has been very gracious to her and she looks forward to seeing how He will use her and her words to be a blessing to others.


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