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Sharon Snooks: Nourishing Emotional and Mental Health

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Woman sitting calmly listening to the needs of others and offering compassion and wise advice.
Sharon Snooks (Photo Credit: Tescha Kember)

Sharon Snooks is a writer, advisor, and editor for Living Loved Today. As a content editor, she works to ensure that our articles nourish our readers’ mental and emotional health. Through her writing, she shares how truths from the Bible demonstrate God’s care for our minds, bodies, and souls and how He has made provision for the healing of each of these.

Caring for others has been a part of her life since she was young when she dressed up as a nurse and took care of her little dolls. Soon, she was reading counseling books and (in her teen years) helping friends in crises. Her post-secondary education was in the Social Services field and while raising her children, she provided pro bono counseling while continuing to receive additional professional training. In 2016, she began her own private practice, New Song Counselling.

Growing up in a Christian home hearing about a God who loved her impacted her life in such a profound, hope-filled way. She learned that He provided a way of salvation and eternal life through His Son’s sacrifice on the cross. She was almost 10 when she took this truth personally and accepted Christ as her Savior. She has appreciated living in this freedom of unconditional love, acceptance, and grace for over 40 years sharing with others the freedom that God intended us to live in. We are fearfully and wonderfully made and we have been bought with a price. We are of immeasurable value to Him!

She has been married to her husband Chris for over 30 years and they have four adult children and two daughters-in-law who are like daughters. She is so grateful for them. She has also been incredibly blessed with four precious grandsons and a darling granddaughter.

In her professional trauma training, she has learned how God designed our bodies to not only heal from physical trauma but also emotional trauma. This has caused her to be in greater awe of God’s design of the human body and it has equipped her to help our writers as they seek to meet the needs of our readers.

What a tender and compassionate Creator who provides and cares for all of us!

Here's a link to one of her posts which has been incredibly helpful to all of us: Holding Two Things.


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