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Lisa Peat: Resting In God's Love

The changing beauty of the leaves reflects the beauty of growing in God's love.

Lisa Peat is a writer and advisor at Living Loved Today. Together, she and Rachel lead and speak at LLT’s Woman to Woman ministry. Throughout 20+ years of Bible study, Lisa is still learning about God’s amazing love and grace.

Lisa is grateful to have been raised by loving, Christian grandparents who took her to hear the good news regularly and taught her about her need for Jesus. At the age of 5, she told her grandmother she was saved, but knew she hadn’t trusted Jesus. The Heavenly Father kept working in her heart and when she was 13, she cried out to God to save her and placed her faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Not having experienced a father’s love, Lisa wrestled with doubts at times. Would God ever say she was not His? How could He truly love her? Did she believe right? She is so thankful for her Heavenly Father who spoke peace to her through His Word, assuring her that because of Christ she was His forever (Romans 5:9).

From the time she was a little girl, Lisa always wanted to be a nurse. She graduated from the RNA program in Orillia in 1987 and retired from her nursing job at a pediatric office in 2015.

Throughout 35 years of marriage to her husband Rob, his unconditional love has been a tangible expression of God’s love and has helped her learn more of her Heavenly Father’s heart.

They are both so thankful for their son Kevin and his wife, Hope, their daughter Meaghan and her husband, Jordan, and their 3 sweet grandchildren, Remington, Callahan, and Walker.

Through Lisa’s trials of suffering with depression after her grandmother passed away and with having cancer, God continued to draw her closer to Him. He taught her more about herself and more about His amazing love. She learned that she didn't need to hold back her feelings. She could bring everything to Him — her fears, her past, and her future — and let Him work in her life.

He is a gracious, Heavenly Father who has redeemed Lisa’s past and she knows that she can rest securely in His love and faithfulness.


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