Who is the Greatest?

(By Michelle Snippe)

“Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?”

It was a question the disciples asked of Jesus. In their earthly thinking, if He was about to set up an earthly kingdom, they wanted to know who would be the greatest within it. I actually marvel that they could even pose that question, obviously confident it must be one of them, to the greatest One standing in their midst.

However, for me, their question begs another: In whose eyes did they want to be great? We can’t truly be the judge, but I have a feeling it wasn’t in God’s eyes as much as it was in man’s that they sought their status of “great.”

But can we really condemn them? Each one of us has a deeply rooted desire to be seen, to be known, and to be found “great” in the eyes of someone. And when we feel ourselves lacking the fulfillment of these desires, the associated emotions can be a springboard for insecurity. Left unchecked, we may even react in ways that propel us toward a dangerous, prideful pursuit of our own glory, robbing God of His.