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So Loved

(By Rachel Joyce)

Since before the beginning

Of time You’ve loved me, Lord?

I can hardly fathom such love.

All I see are my failures, my faults,

And the shame that weighs so heavily

Upon my shoulders.

Yet You loved me, even prior to when

My life on earth began; before I was

You were. And You loved me.

And You whispered, from eternity past

“You are Mine, bought by My blood,

Cleansed and redeemed.

I cannot comprehend such love,

O Savior mine, but help me receive it.

Enable me by faith to appropriate

Your grace, so I can resemble You

And live in the fullness

Of who You are.

I exult in Your glorious presence,

I rest in Your atoning love,

And discover my identity in You,

My Savior and my God,

Maker and Sustainer of all,

Lord of heaven and earth.

I remember Your body and blood

Broken, poured out for me,

And I feel the absoluteness

Of Your unconditional love

And I rest in Your sacrifice,

Which has set me free.

No other name is as precious,

No other blood is as dear,

As the blood that was shed

To cleanse me from sin

And to make me Your child,

United forever with You.


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