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Loved By My Father

(By Rachel Joyce)

The love of the Father dwells in me.

What glorious, staggering truth!

His love for His Son, I can understand.

The Beloved, so pure and so holy,

So righteous and good

Deserved only love, but me?

Not me.

My sin and my brokenness marked me.

Scarred, in my shame I hid.

But Love sought and found me,

His blood washed me clean,

Everlasting arms held me close

And His voice whispered tenderly,

“Daughter, you are Mine!”

Loved! The love of the Father

For Jesus my Lord now is mine.

And I know what it is to be cherished,

Beloved, and adored by my Lord.

His presence is my happy place,

Where I revel in His nearness

And rest in His transforming love.


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