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Glory and Faithfulness

(By Rachel Joyce)

Photo Credit: Benjamin A Joyce

“O Lord God of hosts, who is mighty as thou art, O Lord, with thy faithfulness round about thee?” (Psalm 89:8 RSV).

Our God is the Lord of hosts, the God of heaven’s armies. He is mighty to save; nothing and no one can withstand the strength of His arm. If we had a true appreciation of His might, it would fill us with holy fear and wonder. We would not doubt His ability to conquer the powers of darkness. At the sight of His glory we would fall flat on our faces before Him.

“His glory would only strike one with terror, but the faithfulness which encompasses Him softens the sunlike brilliancy of His glory, and awakens trust in so majestic a Ruler” (Keil and Delitzsch).

We trust our God; His love and faithfulness have drawn us close. His tender heart has become our hiding place, where we experience true peace. It is there, in the shelter of His unconditional acceptance and love, that we pour out our problems into His attentive ears and all our fears lose their menace. 

In His presence, we find healing and wholeness. His joy awakens the numb parts of our hearts. His grace teaches us to live in the power of His Spirit within us. We discover Him to be enough for every need we have.

Learning to avail ourselves of all that He has for us is a process. We believe His truth and we seek to live that out in our lives little by little. His grace can enable us to respond graciously regardless of how we may be treated by others. Often times we fail and react wrongly instead of stepping out in faith and learning to respond in a spiritual way, but He is patient with us and loving and faithful. So we lean on His faithfulness and take a firmer step upon His promises. With our eyes upon Him and His hand holding us, we will continue on for Him until that beautiful day when we will see Him face to face and revel in His glory and faithfulness.


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