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Truth Echoes Louder

(By Rachel Joyce)

I hear the voice of the Accuser in my ear, so close

It sounds like thoughts in my own head,

“Who do you think you are, anyway?!

You’re not enough! No one really cares.

What you’re doing doesn’t really matter.

You might as well just give up!“

And I sigh, fearing it may be true.

It feels true. And that sinking feeling deepens.

“Lord, where are you now?

How can I be back here again?

Help me, please, I’m sinking and I cannot seem

To find solid ground to stand on.

And with glorious grace, Your truth

Echoes louder than the lies, and I know

I am Yours. Loved. Cherished. Infinitely valuable.

And when my hands are filled with the work You’ve given me,

It’s always worth it. I will trust despite my fear.

I will not give in to the Accuser—he is the Father of lies.

Your truth will always win out and so I stand

On the solid ground of Your Word.

Your grace will strengthen me and Your hand

Will hold me firmly despite the crashing waves.

I will not go under. I am Yours, Your loved daughter.

And as I listen to Your voice, the enemy’s condemnation fades away.

Photo Credit: Benjamin Joyce


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