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To My Worthy One

(By Rachel Joyce)

With indignation, they scoffed,

“What a waste!

It could have been sold

For a high price

And given to the poor.”

Their critical words cut deeply.

They were Your

Closest friends, continually

With You, the ones You had chosen

For Your inner circle.

As Your daily companions,

They had watched You,

Perfect love and grace

And truth embodied

Living with them.

You had shared Your heart, shown

Them the Father,

And astounded them with

Your wisdom and miracles,

Your inexhaustible compassion.

But still they were blind,


To the priceless treasure,

The inestimable worth

And value of You, Jesus.

How it must have hurt,

Oh, Savior Mine,

To have them think it a waste,

For them not to see

Your incomparable worth.

Yet louder in Your ears were

Your Father’s Words,

“This is my dearly loved Son

Who brings me great joy.”

You knew who You were.

And the singing of angel voices

In highest heaven

Echoed faintly in Your ears,

“Holy, holy, holy

Is the Lord of glory.”

And You knew where You

Had come from

And where You were going,

Lord of glory, to bear my sin,

On that dark, lonely cross.

You took all my punishment,

All my shame,

And died the death I deserved,

So all that is left for me now

Is glory, forever with You.

I fall at your feet and pour out

All I have,

My worship, my praise to You,

Worthy One, glorious in beauty

And splendor, lover of my soul.


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