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Spruce + Stone

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

Hello! We are Megan and Victoria, owners of a little business called Spruce + Stone!

We have been best friends since birth, are thirty days apart in age, and pretty much love all the same things – color palettes, design, and overall aesthetic.

We spent most of our childhood outdoors, in our playhouses being overly imaginative as we stayed out there for hours on end in our miniature homes. It was our absolute favorite thing and sometimes we wish to forget the responsibilities we have now and live our eight-year-old lives all over again.

Our relationship has ebbed and flowed, as most do, but we both rely on the truth that our friendship is based on our relationships with Christ and not solely on the superficial. This has allowed us to experience both joy and success as well as disappointment and heartbreak, while always remaining close.

When one of us got married we were worried that our relationship would become more difficult and distant, but the Lord kindly gave us a creative idea that allows us to be with each other at least twice a month if not more!

This business has been such a blessing to us, and we hope and pray that it is a blessing to others as well! Spruce + Stone launched in March of 2020 with the goal to create simple, handmade textiles and home décor products that refresh a space and invoke a feeling of calm. We believe that sometimes all you need is a splash of color, a unique texture, or a new pattern to make all the difference in your home!

We would be remiss to continue any further without giving you a glimpse of what, or rather who, is our inspiration. You see, we weren’t raised in houses – we were raised in homes. Our mothers always took the time to create welcoming spaces in any circumstance– despite being in rentals or renovations with limited resources.

They showed us time and time again that it wasn’t about achieving what was deemed “Pinterest/magazine worthy.” It wasn’t about creating the perfect gallery wall or owning the most expensive couch – they were experts at taking simple things, a pillow here or there, a pretty runner on the kitchen table, and making a space feel like home.

They are and will continue to be Spruce + Stone’s biggest inspiration.

While decorating or décor may seem like an unnecessary place to spend money – we believe that we are made in the image of GOD and that He created us to create. As women, that includes creating a welcoming environment for our families and friends no matter what season of life we are in.

When we are creative in our homes, we ultimately point to THE Creator. We think that Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth says it best here:

When we brighten a drab corner of the room with a spray of flowers or a new color accent, we reflect the One who fashioned the world out of a formless void. We point others to the Creator, giving those who live with us or visit us a tangible glimpse of His beauty.

While the thought of decorating can be daunting to some or even impossible to others – we would love to encourage you to start small. Take one space, that drab corner perhaps, and intentionally create a place in your home that feels peaceful and reflects the Creator.

The best part? There really aren’t any rules – it isn’t about what is “trendy,” there’s no right or wrong – choose items that align with your personal taste/style and bring you joy! And remember, the process should bring joy as well.

When we sit down to design one of our products, we focus on styles, colors, and patterns that bring us joy. Hours are spent creating initial ideas, sourcing materials, problem solving and testing our products, as well as photographing them for you to visualize in your own spaces.

Another part of our business that we enjoy is the opportunity to assist our customers with styling the products that they purchase! In other cases, the customer will use or display a product in a way that we didn’t originally think of – inspiring us!

Now at this point you may be tempted to think that we have it all together – but we assure you that is not the case.

We don’t have “perfect” houses or “perfect” décor – in fact, as we write this, we are both living in the middle of messy, very un-glamorous renovations (not much has changed since we were kids ☺) but as we have started a business and tapped into some of our God-given creativity over the last eight months – we’ve recognized just how important it is to take what you’ve been given and use it to bring joy and be a blessing to others and ultimately use it for God’s glory.

We hope you enjoy our creativity in the form of Spruce + Stone, and we also hope that in some small way you’re inspired to reflect your Creator.

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Megan and Victoria


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