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Serving Others Through Photography

(By Tescha Kember)

Some of my earliest memories are of going through albums of family photographs - memories encapsulated into little snapshots that take me back in my mind right to the moments they happened. At an early age (I honestly can't remember when, but probably around eight years old or so...maybe even younger) I received my first camera of my own. I loved the capability it gave me to preserve moments that felt special to me. Before I got my own camera, I remember my mom would let me use those super old fashioned disposable cameras and it was the best feeling to get to take the film into Loblaws and then a week later go and pick up the transformation of film to print magic. My world was captured forever in these moments and I cherish them so deeply.

As technology developed and digital cameras became accessible, I remember shifting to a little Canon Power Shoot. Let me tell you, from a little girl’s perspective at the time, the easy ability to zoom in with that tiny little lens and capture (awful quality) shots even farther away than I could before, opened an entirely new door of possibility. Capturing details on plants and insects became just about the best thing ever. To this day, I find doing this sort of thing incredibly therapeutic. My time outside alone with God often rotates back to this "lens" whether or not I have my camera with me. I still love to capture the small detail shots of moments that mean so much to those who have experienced them. They are brought back to the texture of the moment: what they felt on their feet, the smell of the field, the softness of the cool breeze moving through their hair.

When I capture detail shots of snuggles between a momma and her babies, it makes me smile to think that the momma might have a rush of those warm and snuggly feelings come over them in a wave just from looking at an image of her warm embrace with her little loves.

Over the past three years now, I’ve transitioned from my childhood love of capturing detail on film and poor quality images on “point and shoots” to creating beautiful images for clients using updated equipment and sophisticated editing software. This process has led me to redefine my style as well as my purpose through my photography. I’ve identified areas I needed to enhance my learning, and have prioritized online learning to build my skills. I love how this process has pushed me outside my comfort zone so that I am continually growing in creating art I love that simultaneously holds deep value and meaning to others.

I have learned along the way that perfection isn’t the goal, but the real goal is creating something that draws out emotions and meaning that are especially significant to my clients.

I love the place I am at because there is a synchronization that has occurred in the journey of applying my current place in life with my always developing skills, and my love for people and my passion for collaborating to create images that pull out all the absolute best feelings of life.

I first fell in love with photography when I discovered its ability to open our hearts in a deeper way. One of the things I’m most proud of in my business is how I can use that understanding to create art for my clients that enables them to open their hearts in a deeper way when they see the images I create of them with their loved ones. Ultimately, this is my goal for each of my clients I serve. My hope is to create an experience for others so that their photographs with loved ones will open up their hearts to all the wonderful memories each and every time they look at the photos, whether it be on the wall, in an album, or online.

Life gets tough sometimes, and I believe in the power of recalling the best moments to help us reach future great moments. I think the love we get to share with others and the joy of serving through our artistic abilities is such a privilege and I’m beyond blessed to get to touch hearts and use my skills to serve others in this way.

I’m a big believer that God has created a unique space for each one of us to step into. I am convinced that this space He creates for us each, utilizes our unique circumstances, experiences, personality, passions, heartaches, pain, skills, and those we cross paths with to cultivate the fulfillment of our purpose while here on earth. I used to really struggle with my confidence in stepping into some of that space. I was tangled up by my own insecurities and holding onto lies instead of opening up my hands and heart to God’s grace and love. I didn’t understand how God would possibly want to use my artistic offerings for His kingdom. I felt like spending time and effort developing my gifts could be better used serving in other ways. But then I was reminded that I am created in His image. I was actually made for creating. My passion for capturing moments in images wasn’t frivolous, but rather it could be a medium for displaying His love over my life. I don’t know that my photography is a calling over my entire life, but I am now much more comfortable with the idea that it could be, and if it is, God will use it without me needing to understand ahead of time how. So I am now free to use and grow my skills without guilt, but rather in praise of the One who gives good gifts and offers me more than just “a way out of condemnation”. He offers me life abundantly and He has gifted me with the opportunity to use my artistic passions for His glory because He is a good Father who loves to see His daughter use her gifts and talents.

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