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(By Rachel Joyce)

I’m parched for You, O Lord, my Living Water.

Your presence quenches all my thirst,

Meets all my needs

And satisfies the deep ache within.

I need to know You with me,

Feel You near me, and realize

That You’re all I need

Because I’m so quick to forget.

You offered up Yourself for me

Upon that cross. You hung there,

Bleeding out atoning blood,

Suffering in my stead to set me free.

And now I worship and adore You,

My risen Lord, Savior of my soul,

And Shepherd of my heart,

You triumphed over sin and set me free.

I will never forget the price You paid

For my atonement, what You endured

To cleanse my sins and ransom me

So I can enjoy You eternally.


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