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One With Him

(By Rachel Joyce)

They had left the upper room.

The taste of the passover meal still lingered

On their tongues, and their minds

Struggled to grasp that

That one of them was a traitor,

As they followed the Master

To His favorite retreat

The Garden.

The last supper and first communion

Faded into memory as they strode forward,

Together minus one.

What had He meant—the broken bread,

His body torn, the cup,

His blood poured out

For forgiveness of sins, available

To all?

As they walked, they sang

The familiar psalms. Notes of joyous praise

Rose into the starry evening sky,

As God, the Father listened,

And all heaven watched

In breathless anticipation of

The incredible sacrifice of love that

Was to come.

And the disciples’ sandaled feet

Barely felt the sharp stones on that

Dusty path, as Messiah prayed,

And taught them truth, pure gold,

Gleaming in the darkness

Of the night: glory conferred upon them,

And the love of the Father for the Son,

Now theirs.

The Father’s love was now in them, growing,

Transforming them into sons of light.

Grace upon grace, for them, for us.

Their unity, ours, is to light the way to the Father,

So all can see His glory and grace,

When they look at us, the redeemed ones.

Do our lives reflect the greatness of His love

In us?

Do we revel in its fullness?

Find our joy in being loved?

Rest in satisfaction and contentment

In our Savior, Lord, and friend?

Is His truth our sure foundation?

Is His Spirit the power that moves us,

Guides and leads us step by step

Towards home?

Fill us, Lord, with holy passion,

Ignited by the Father’s love.

Help us love and serve and worship

You alone, our glorious Lord.

Keep our eyes fixed on our Savior

And may our worship always rise

To the One who alone is worthy

Our Lord Jesus.


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