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My Jesus

(By Rachel Joyce)

Because of our need, He came,

The beloved Son,

Of Almighty God.

Bringing delight

To the Father’s heart,

He chose to humble Himself,

To become a man

To suffer for the helpless and lost,

To deliver those chained

By sin and darkness.

And I, oh, I am so thankful.

No longer trapped by the enemy,

Bound by his lies,

Now I am free.

Once a slave in the darkness

Now I’m a daughter of light,

Freed by the blood of the Lamb,

My passover Lamb,

Pure and holy,

Who purged my sins and delivered me.

Now I worship and adore

My glorious Savior and Lord.

Who suffered for my sin

And ransomed me

I bow at His blessed feet

And praise the One

Who set me free,

Stilled my fears,

And delighted my heart

With His presence.


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