Mr. Frumble Days

Updated: Feb 5

(By Robyn Chapman)

There is a Richard Scarry story called, “Mr. Frumble’s Worst Day Ever.” The gist is that everything goes wrong. My Mom and I used to refer to bad days as Mr. Frumble days. Those aren’t days where someone dies. Those are just days where nothing goes as it should and everything seems to compound the thing before it. They’re more frustrating days than bad days, but to me, they will always be Mr. Frumble days.

I’ve had a couple of Mr. Frumble days in the last few weeks. In fact, this whole week has been a little bit like that. Among other things, after months of waiting, I have contractors at my house installing new doors and windows. It has thrown my schedule all out of sorts. It is not allowing me to work in the quiet, warm environment I prefer. It is remarkably hard to concentrate on writing this.

I saw it coming, I should’ve been ready. I’ve not been able to get in my usual walks. I have continued to have some technical issues with my blog. We had a weird issue with the television that required a reset. My email keeps having an issue. I keep fixing it only to have the same problem again the next day. You get the idea. I’m not going to keep listing my complaints because I believe that is the crux of my problem.