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Isaiah 53

(By Rachel Joyce)

The Living Word spoke life-giving words,

But God’s powerful strength to redeem

Appeared humble and gentle.

And who has believed?

Like a sapling in dry, desert sand,

He grew in wisdom, stature, and favor,

And the radiance of God’s grace

Shone into our darkness.

But our sin had blinded us to His beauty.

Preferring darkness, we hid our faces,

Devalued, scorned, rejected Him.

Yet He loved us still.

Man of Sorrows, willingly You bore our guilt,

Felt the full weight of our misery and shame.

Despised and abused by men, pierced

By the nails, You hung on that cross.

Crushed by God’s wrath and in anguish,

Silently You suffered, and we did not know

That from Your wounds would flow

Our healing, our peace with God.

Like wandering sheep, we had strayed, but

You found us, lifted us close to Your heart

And carried us home in Your arms,

To enjoy closeness with You forever.


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