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In Remembrance

(By Rachel Joyce)

We still ourselves

From all the busy rushing

Of our week

With its worries and weight,

Which press heavily

Upon our shoulders.

And in the quietness

Of Your presence,

Your tender love

Encircles us, softening

The ache, soothing

Our bruised spirits.

And we feast our hearts

On You. Your love satisfies

The deep hunger within.

As we taste the bread,

We remember Your body

Crushed for us.

The strong wine reminds

Us of Your powerful blood

Which washed our black

Sins white and made us

Pure children

Of the Living God.

And we rest in the circle

Of Your acceptance,

Eternally loved and treasured,

Your cherished daughters

Who have the privilege

Of worshipping You forever.


Beautiful photo & poem. Praying for the peace that comes with resting in God's acceptance.

Rachel Joyce
Rachel Joyce
Aug 15, 2021
Replying to

Thank you. There’s a verse that says, “Let the peace of God rule your heart.” It’s a choice. Not easy and it definitely requires faith and God’s strength.

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