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His Validation

(By Christina Gagnon)

Every interaction Jesus had with the women in His life was tender. He was gentle, He empowered. He affirmed. Never once did He cut down, or criticize or condemn. A bruised reed He will not break. He redeemed every woman’s story that we read about in the gospels. And the women flocked to Him and gave out of their substance whatever He might need. They poured themselves out gladly in adoration for this man who saw them, who saw into their hurting hearts and loved them. He was not condescending. It was not the pride of doing something different from the religious leaders before Him. It was pure, honest love for each person who crossed His path, including women.

The woman at Sychar’s well, rejected from her village, He turned into the first story of evangelism.

The woman caught in adultery, dragged out of her house in the act, Jesus communicated sweet truth to her, “I do not condemn you. Go and do not sin anymore.”

The woman of the city who washed His feet with tears and dried them with her hair, He defended her when those in the room that criticized her and condemned her. “Wherever the gospel is preached, this story will be told.”

The woman with the bloody discharge for twelve years was too scared and too scarred to come forward publicly, so she snuck through the crowd to just touch the hem of His garment (a common superstition of the time). Jesus did not let her slip away thinking she was too unimportant for His attention. He drew her out of the crowd and then blessed her.

The woman bent in two for eighteen long, crippling years received the healing she desperately desired. Jesus laid His hands on her, He touched her, and healed her.

The Syrophoenician woman crying after him for her daughter’s healing, received great commendation from Him, “Woman, you have great faith. Your daughter is healed.”

Mary sitting at His feet discovered that she had chosen the “good part” and it was ok to want to learn and be discipled.

Martha busy in the kitchen learned that her devotion was what mattered. She learned to serve devotedly and not distractedly.

Joanna and Susannah, wealthy women, poured out of their wealth what He might need. Why? Not because they were told that this is what they were supposed to do. But because they loved Him. Because they knew He loved them.

I don’t know where you are right now, I don’t know what you are facing, or how you are hurting, or how you have been criticized by the people around you. But this one thing I do know. He will not reject you. He will not condemn you. He will not break you. He values you. He made you just the way you are and He loves every part of you. He is waiting to redeem your story. Will you let Him?


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