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Held by Jesus

(By Rachel Joyce)

The sun bled into the sea

As I wept on the shore

Gold and blue intermingled

While sea gulls swooped and shrieked


The still-warm sand covered my toes,

Slipped through my fingers,

As I watched the sun sink lower

And soon it was swallowed up

By the sea.

The beauty made my heart ache.

I longed to hold it forever, to assuage

The pain and sadness, and in the stillness

My grief seemed a living thing,

Clinging tightly.

Why does healing take so long?

Where do I go to find joy again?

And how will I find the strength

To go on living, to keep on serving?

Do you know?

The steady rhythm of the waves

Mimics the beating of my heart

I watch them crest and crash

On the sand, over and over again

I’m so tired.

You, Lord, are my only strength.

My hope is in You and You alone.

You are my everything — ocean

Of abundance and sufficiency,

I rest in You.


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