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He Sings Freedom Over You

The freedom of the open road and the beauty of the sunrise reflects the freedom song that God sings over His daughters and sons.
Photo Credit: Liz Griffin

(By Rachel Joyce)

Follower of Jesus, listen to the freedom song

Your Father sings over you, let the sweetness

Of the melody sweep over your soul,

Washing away the lingering chains

That once held you fast.

Free! You are truly free! It is for freedom

That Christ has set you free! Now, child,

Stand firm in this liberty He bought

With the price of redemption, 

His own atoning blood.

Don’t slip back into license, surrendering

To sin, treating grace as meaningless,

You were crucified with Christ

So you could live in the

Strength of the Spirit.

Remember His sacrifice and stand fast.

Stop striving for acceptance, belonging

They’re already yours in Him.

Rest in His love, this is

Your freedom ground.


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