Harnessing the Split Seconds

(By Robyn Owen)

My friend texted, “Hope your week was a good one.” Have you ever found yourself wondering, in that split second following, whether you should say it was a good week or if you should tell your friend the truth? I’m a frequent flyer in the split second thoughts realm, and in this particular second I realized her timing was no coincidence. Just minutes before, my face was all twisted up and tears rolled down my cheeks as I watched Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, organizing consultant and Netflix sensation. I don’t believe Netflix anticipated one of their viewers reacting so emotionally to watching Marie straighten up a single woman’s home. I needed to tell my friend the truth: my week was full to the brim, mentally and emotionally, and my brain needed a clean sweep, just like the show.

Our exchange of texts revealed the highs and lows of my week and we ended our chat by sharing hilarious gifs to lighten the mood. I felt altogether better, but why? The impression of the demands of the week hadn’t changed and my face was still blotchy from exhaustion and tears. So why did I feel lighter on my feet? Two things: one, I exercised courage, choosing vulnerability and two, my friend encouraged me.