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Easter Hope

(By Rachel Joyce)

Staggering under the weight of their burden, they walked,

Weary and sad,

Hopes as dry as the spices they carried,

Shoulders weighed down by aloes, myrrh, and grief.

In the darkness, they carefully picked their way

Over stones and around bends

Toward His tomb.

How would they remove the stone? And how could they ever

Find joy again?

Faith battled fear as the rays of dawn rose

Lightening the horizon, as they neared

His tomb, with its dark empty mouth, and the stone

Rolled to one side, as angels

Stood on guard.

Dazzled by their brightness, terrified, the women

Fell, as the words

Echoed forth, “Why do you seek the living

Among the dead? He is not here, but has

Risen.” And they remembered His words and

Joy pushed back the darkness of

Grief and loss.

Alive, their Lord and master! Alive, their dreams and hopes!

He is risen.

And what a difference that makes! He’s alive!

He conquered death and the grave and now stands

Victorious in heaven, interceding

For us, always on our side,

Our Saviour.

In our darkness, His words bring light, His life brings us life.

He is risen.

And we will never be the same. Alive.

We are alive in Him, freed from sin’s chains,

Freed from death’s hold, victorious in Him and

Empowered to live for Him



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