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Bright Morning Star, Our Savior

(By Rachel Joyce)

In the beginning, was the Word,

The Son of God

And God, Himself,

Giver of life and

Light of this dark world.

He said, “I, Jesus, am the bright

Morning Star.” And

He came to us,

Who sat in the shade

Of death’s cold shadow.

God’s tender mercy wrapped in flesh,

Dispelled darkness,

Exposed our sin,

And offered us life,

Forgiveness of sins.

He freed us from the chains that chafed,

Broke darkness’ power,

And shone His light

To show us the truth

And heal all our wounds.

For us, the Morning Star endured

Deepest blackness,


Total sacrifice,

To redeem our hearts.

He chose us to be His children,

The Light-bearers,

Possessing the

Morning Star in our

Hearts and minds and souls.

And we, who have been so rescued,

So cherished and

Loved, now find our

Wonder and joy in

Our bright Morning Star.


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