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Beginning A New Year

The girl standing on the path reflects the experience of standing on the threshold of a new year.
Photo Credit: Leonid Kos

(By Rachel Joyce)

I pause in the stillness,

Listening for Your voice.

My heart is hungry for You,

Life has been a hectic blur

And I ache inside with loneliness,

Missing the moments we share

In the light of Your presence

As Your Word breathes

Life into my bones,

Breath into my lungs, and

Peace into my anxious heart.

Don’t let me wander, Lord.

Hold me close, speak truth

And drown out the lies

That threaten to unravel me.

Shine Your light into my

Darkness, so I can see

Where next to step,

I need You more than ever.

You are my true center,

Source of all I need, I rest

In You, my Lord and my God.


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