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Download Switch Bot V3 By Padmak [Updated-2022]




There are two things I don't get, one is how the bot reacts to a lot of damage and the other is how the bot can still hit all of my characters. I am currently using a 430x1080 25% upgraded bot with a 100 power bot and a 150 power bot with a 85% bot. As of right now the only other boost items are an uncapped effector for my main, a reflection shield for my main, a sentinel's forcefield for my second and the most for my third. I am able to get this bot to 2 health by hitting it with a player that's only at 80% but any more and he can kill it. The first thing I do is start boosting my main and her second which are both maxed. I am then able to get 3 hp out of the bot but he takes down the main character before she gets to a second set of health. The next thing I do is boost my third and then right when the health bar goes down to 25% is when the bot disappears. It is also going to do this multiple times throughout the match. I'm not sure what to do to make the bot not disappear and can't figure out how to stop him from taking down my other characters. I tried increasing the HP of the bot but that just lowers the HP I receive from the main. I also tried increasing the HP of the main but that just makes the bot have more HP which means it's almost impossible for me to get him out of the HP bar since the other players will be focusing on the bot and not the main character. I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong or if I need to do something to get the bot to actually damage my other characters. Lets see, first of all, how the bot disappears. Basically, when it reaches 25% health (you can tell by seeing the "dots" in the health bar), the bot sees he's going to die soon, so he starts dashing toward the nearest enemy. He can't stop running, so if it's too late for a given enemy, he goes around them, reaching them again later, and eventually dying. If he gets 3 damage from an enemy (the third being the main enemy), he gets killed, and then restarts. You might have noticed he loses all the +health potions he had at the moment of the third damage. Now, I don't know if it's done by you (don't know how to change it



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Download Switch Bot V3 By Padmak [Updated-2022]

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