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True Purpose

The sun shining on the sand and rock, reflect the truth of the true purpose Jesus gives.
Photo Credit: Mark Shutt Images

(By Rachel Joyce)

In the beginning, was the Word,

The eternal Word, Maker of all,

With God and God Himself,

The Life and the life-giver

The Light and the light-bringer,

Who came for us.

The Word became man: true

Humanity and full divinity,

Melded into One, whose

Every thought, motive,

Action, and glance radiated

Pure truth and grace.

Truth to give us a secure

Foundation, a safe place

To stand, to grow, and thrive.

Grace to gentle our hearts

And empower our souls

To truly live.

Because we were born again

Through the Word of truth

To be children of light,

With our lives shining forth

His light, living out His life,

Embodying truth and grace.


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