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Our Good and Faithful God

(By Rachel Joyce)

For the past number of months, Bethel’s song “The Goodness of God” has been on repeat in our home. Those of you who know me are aware that I deal with chronic pain daily and, if you know me well, you know that there are times I find it hard to keep going. Being with Jesus is my heart’s desire, and battling this pain and handicap can sometimes take more energy than I possess. I’m blessed with a supportive husband and wonderful kids for whom I am so grateful. I’m aware of my many blessings and am so thankful for the faithfulness of God. The promises in His Word provide a firm foundation, even when it feels like I’m sinking.  Sometimes, though, we can know truth in our heads, but fail to receive the strength we need from it. Somehow, good worship songs take the truth of God and drive it deeply into our hearts so we can feel and experience the reality of it. When the melody is sorrowful, it can draw out the sadness within our hearts and as we sing praise, that sadness resonates and eventually dissipates. As the music rises to a crescendo, our hearts lift and our praises ring out in defiance against the darkness we’re experiencing. As we sing out the truth, we realize anew the necessity of holding on, of resting in Him. We recognize the importance of worship as our hearts thrill to the wonder of our God.  As Bethel sings, "All my life You have been faithful,” I recall God’s faithfulness in my own life. With tender love, He has led me, step-by-step. He has protected, met my needs, and proved Himself faithful over and over again. Yes, He truly has been faithful. And all my life He has been so, so good! Despite the pain and heartache of life, His goodness has been unmistakable. I love their line, “I have lived in the goodness of God.” What a comforting truth that is! His goodness is our home, where we, His children, get to stay both now and forever. It’ll never change. His goodness was true in ages past and it’ll be true in the ages to come. We can rest in His goodness and know that it is our sure place of refuge. Lord, thank You for being faithful. Thank You for Your unfailing goodness to us. When life is hard and overwhelming, when we wonder how we’re going to make it, we are so grateful that You are our place of refuge and hope. Your strength within us provides what we need to endure. Your love comforts and sustains us. We rest in Your goodness and worship You, our good and faithful God.


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