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For My Hurting Friend

Photo Credit: Mark Shutt Images

(By Rachel Joyce)

The expectations, condemnations, and rejections

Create burdens you were never meant to bear.

Sometimes you wear the sorrows of the years,

Not as scars, but as open wounds, still weeping.

You slip on a pretty sweater, thinking it will hide

The hemorrhaging, but you’re only fooling you.

Denial has never yet brought healing…or freedom,

Only loss — of feeling, thinking, closeness.

Refusing to acknowledge your pain, you forfeit

Your birthright: comfort, grace, and peace.

God’s outstretched hand still holds your blessings:

Comfort, grace, and strength to meet your needs.

Let the light of His presence dispel the shadows

Of your shame, your sorrow; let Him hold you.

With His strong arms, He pulls you close

Surrounding you with gentle love.

Let Him hold you, love you, heal you.

Let His compassion transform you

So that others see Jesus when they look

At you, hear Jesus when they listen to you,

Know Jesus as they come to know you

Because His life overflows in yours.


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