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Following the Light

(By Rachel Joyce)

“Let there be light” He said, and there was.

Dazzling brilliance pierced the darkness

And day was born.

Good light came from the good God

To meet our need.

He calls to the prisoners and those in darkness,

“Come into the light!”

Know the freedom

Of being children of the light, of the day,

Delighting in the radiance of My glory.

Don’t kindle your own light, blaze your own path,

No. Follow the Life-giver and Light-maker,

Whose blazing torch

Will guide the way.

His coming is as brilliant as the sunrise.

He is the morning light from heaven, glorious

As the sunrise in all its splendor.

His presence dispels the darkness,

Chases away

Persistent shadows, sets us free.

He came as the Word from heaven for all,

The light of life, burning away the darkness

That we might believe

And live

Forever in His celestial home of joy.

It was the hour of evil and the power of darkness

When our blessed Lord of light

Was taken,

Crucified for us

That we might become light dwellers.

We stop and remember all His suffering,

His lacerated back and bleeding body.

Such suffering endured

To set us free

And we rest in Him, cleansed, and made new.

No longer slaves of darkness,

We belong to You, our beloved Lord.

Let Your light burn brightly in us

So our lives reflect Your brilliance

And radiate Your grace and love.


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