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Blessed Assurance

Hi! My name is Marie Diemert. My husband, Matthew, and I have been married for fifteen years and have four beautiful girls. Matthew and I run a small assistive technology business where we train individuals who are blind or have low vision to use technology so they can live full, independent lives. When I’m not helping the girls with school, or working with my husband, I’m creating new pieces of art with watercolor and brush lettering for my Etsy shop, Beebee’s Letters! Beebee is my nickname so lovingly given to me by my niece when she was two.

Beebee’s Letters came about through a new need in my life. After being a part of the same church my entire life, when I got married and then as we began to raise our family, our direction in life changed. I came to a point where I was in a state of almost constant depression and anxiety, and I searched for something that would help me make sense of what I was going through. I prayed and fasted and begged God to take it away, but it lingered on, and I knew something wasn’t right.  

I listened to a message one day that taught me something I had never really heard before. Or maybe I had heard it, but I didn’t know I needed it. In brief, it was that I didn’t have to work for my salvation. Doing good things, being a part of every ministry at church didn’t save me, only Jesus could do that. I don’t necessarily remember specifically being taught that works could save me, but it was a mindset that I had. When I really learned what grace was in the person of Jesus Christ, I trusted in Him alone. This change started to produce a new fulfillment and desire for Christ that I never really knew before! More than anything, I had a new assurance of His love for me and I was fulfilled in that love.

With the changes that were happening around me and a new work in my heart, I started working on some lettering skills that I hadn’t done anything with since high school. I also discovered brush lettering and fell in love with it! God has amazed me with the doors He has opened for me in this new season of my life. While the art has been wonderful, it has also been one of the most difficult seasons of my life and I really feel God has used this art to create a constant hope and peace from His presence that I have when I create. 

He makes all things new and makes beauty from ashes. Through my art I hope to inspire and encourage others! I want to point people to Jesus in everything I do. 

More of Marie's beautiful art can be seen on her Instagram account @beebeesletters and on Facebook at Her artwork can be purchased at

Thank you, Marie, for the lovely calligraphy and watercolor you designed for the home page of God has truly gifted you and through your artwork many are being blessed.


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