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Be Still And Know

Photo Credit: Aaron Burden

(By Rachel Joyce)

What if I don’t want you to keep pushing,

I just want you to be still?

Pause and draw a breath deep into your lungs.

Fill them full-to-bursting with the cool, autumn air.

Feel your insides expanding, stretching to receive

The breath I give you.

And know I provide, not just your breath,

But everything you need for life.

You have no need I cannot meet.

I am your all.

Lift your eyes; absorb the beauty

Of the dying leaves, gold, orange, and red

Brilliant against their sky-blue backdrop.

Feel the beauty-ache deep within your soul.

And know that this is but a shadow

Of the beauty everlasting; one day

The full radiance of My splendor

Will overwhelm, enthrall your soul.

Still your hurrying body, your rushing mind.

Listen to your heart beating in the silence,

Feel the looming emptiness that scares you,

Threatens to undo you,

And know that I am here, filling every space.

In the silence of the stillness, feel

My acceptance, love, and grace

You are mine and I am God.

“Be still, and know that I am God!” (Psalm 46:10).


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